Workshop Reference number: 2012-1-PL1-GRU13-28494
Venue: Kashubian People’s University: Starbienino 1, 84-210 Choczewo
Date of the Workshop: 05/05/2013 - 11/05/2013

Diet for Citizens Baltic Sea Region
Subject area: Consumer education
Environment / sustainable development
Health education

Working language(s): EN
Target Group + Translation:
Persons interested in environmental problems but also in improving their heath by the way of nutrition. They will be EU citizens of countries located in the Baltic Sea catchment area – Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden-in the age 50+ interested in preventing degradation of the environment, preventing spread of the civilization diseases connected to the now-a-days lifestyle through defined activities focused on raising awareness and promoting the proper way of nutrition based on the diet composed of the local organic products. People of 50+ are persons whose most active time has already passed, and they become natural interest in their health and the environment. Moreover, they have already experienced, and they can share of it with other participants of the workshop.

Main activities Programme + Programme translation:
Lectures: PP presentation of rules diet for Clean Baltic, role of the proper diet in humans life, PP presentation on the BS environment, organic vegetable qualities as a basic component of the diet for Clean Baltic, PP on vegetarian and vegan diet, the rules of Ecological Recycled Agriculture – PP, macrobiotic diet – PP the seminar on the environmental problems of the Baltic Sea
Workshops: preparation of the balanced meal in accordance with the Baltic diet rules, preparation of lunch on the basis vegan and vegetarian diet, preparation macrobiotic dishes.
Integration activities: Welcome activities, our relationship and net in BSR. We are the children of the BS, culture event: national stories or songs containing elements relating to food, Sherlock Holmes in the world of labels, whether male or female will eat the same. Food is everywhere, national savoir vivre will be the conversations at the table.
Study trips: to Hel peninsula, Trzcińsk, demonstration farm of Mr Jacek Plotta
Films/slides presentations: on environmental and food issues
Contest: each participant prepare a good Baltic Sea dish. The best dish will be awarded.
Moreover: every day cuisine of a different Baltic country will be presented and participants will do some physical exercises.

Workshop Organiser: Polski Klub Ekologiczny w Krakowie Kolo Miejskie w Gliwicach
Contact details: Ziemowita 1 street
44-100 Gliwice

Programme of international workshop „Diet for Clean Baltic” - PDF
Application form - DOC,
Application form - PDF
Workshops in Choczewo Municipality 2013 - PDF
Warsztaty w gminie Choczewo 2013 -PDF
Diet for the Clean Baltic Sea recipes - PDF

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